In Essence:

Angel Lopez is a  20 year-old Torontonian who likes to play with her food. Although she's not a big cake/pastry eater herself (she's more of a fruit-based dessert kind of girl), she does enjoy baking, making edible art, and seeing the surprise and happiness on people's faces when they see what their loved ones cared enough to ask her to make especially for them.  

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In 2011, my love for food and art combined in a wonderful explosion of sprinkles and icing sugar – my obsession with cake design and decorating began. I took a few cake orders here and there for a few extra bucks in my pocket, which I eventually reinvested back into more orders. I improved my skill, took some courses, and suddenly, I found that this side job had become a small business – a business I intend on expanding in the future. Here are a few of my past projects. For your keyboard's sake, try not to drool too much.